Smoking cessation

Smoking cessation

Our mission is to help you maintain and improve your health status

Your choice to stop smoking means two basic things. They want to know who you really are and that you decide for something that you want

Think of other tough decisions that you received in the past and how good you feltwhen you did the right choice

The suspension makes you feel not only good but also strong, healthy and confident in yourself

We give you the ability with a single initial session before you can decide what will beyour strategy for the poor this habit.

The session can be performed online, and include those of a psychosocial historybasic data recording and evaluation of smoker in 3 (three) basic scales. The scales areestimated:

(i) the degree of dependence to nicotine

(ii) the adequacy of incentives for stopping and

(iii) the specifics of smoky (smoky profile).

With this estimate, we then advise the complainant about the most appropriate way of smoking cessation with one or more of the following methods of interruption and membership to one of the following programs that are implemented.

Stopping methods

There are four basic strategies for smoking cessation. The quote below and you can decide which one fits you. Most smokers start trying to quit smoking on their own,but many end up needing several methods and several attempts before they kick the habit.

This is the list of the four main methods that one can follow:

1. Do it yourself with support and counselling with simple steps, in all phases of your effort.

2. Cognitive behavioral psychoeducation (cognitive behavioral therapy) and advisory, aspecial, intensive and organized program neuropsychological reconstruction of behavior with documented effectiveness.

3. Nicotine replacement therapy in the form of stickers, transdermal patch, lozenges,chewing gum, nasal spray, etc., in collaboration with a physician.

4. Special prescription medications for the treatment of addiction, in collaboration with a physician.

5. Combination of the above methods.


With these effective tools, offering reliable and scientifically based guidance and support to eventually scrap from the bad this habit. You can follow one of the following three (3) programs depending on what you want, what kind of smoker you are and at what stage you are:

1) The program STOP NOW is aimed at challenging smokers to stop smokingimmediately, completely, due to serious health problems or other reasons.

2) The program ELATTWSI TORA is aimed at those who wish to quit smoking graduallyand may opt for a more gradual approach, increasing the probability of the stopcompletely then.

3) The programme “PREVENTION of YPOTROPIS” is a multi-dimensional program andaims the FINAL and PERMANENT treatment of nicotine dependence by preventingrecidivism.