Holistic approach

Holistic approach

It would be trite if I would say that I am a doctor and I will refer to the types of diseases and the medications you can use. It is clear to me that health requires active participation and learning of the patient, who cares about his health, and not just passive compliance to recipes or the acceptance of a medical regimen. It is therefore a matter of awareness, knowledge and philosophical attitude,  that the patient can help himself to improve his health. In  this context, the role of the specialist, the doctor in this case, is not just simply to ask the patient for compliance, but to teach him, to guide him to a process where together, as allies, both succeed  in the treatment and prevention of disease.

This holistic approach, apart from the practical benefits in reaching an initial objective, which could be the restoration of the patient’s health, shaken by by a disease, has a deeper moral benefit. If we consider, first, that the illness represents evil and good health, the above visa requires that the man does not look for the source of evil in another factor, besides himself, which, happily, under other circumstances would be demonized. On the other hand, understands, accepts and realizes that conditions, the same as the options on the left to happen to himself, that led him to the disease. In this way the awareness, can improve himself. And not only not sick, but to try to conquer the ideal of integration at all levels, i.e. the ideal of his own health, but also to discover their true nature.

I referred to the term “his Health” because I would like at the outset to communication, to emphasize that basic condition for this process of two allies, doctor and patient, to conquer the ideals of health and integration is not flattening. Let me explain it immediately. As can a society governed by laws, these laws apply to everyone the same, i.e. governed by equality, but the degrees of responsibility in organizing to differ from person to person depending on the roles that it has in diarthwsi of health, we cannot assume that all people have right everyone in good health , will reach this with the same success or will use it the same way or method, or will have the same skills or performance when I anymore reach their goal. The goal for everyone was and is unique but also the way to attain the sole. This assumption will need to make both the patient and the doctor. The patient will help to avoid unnecessary comparisons with others, something that leads to envy and mental imbalance but also to practices like failures for example I get this or that drug that gets my friend or neighbor, or other advertising on television, which can lead to significant adventures and ultimately disease.

For the physician is important Yc undertake this assumption because “it is much more important to know the patient, rather than the disease”. A basic principle of holistic, personalized and human medicine that often escapes from physicians. Because doctors have used to categorize patients into diagnostic cells in order to justify then using some specific pharmaceutical preparations. However, the causes of the disease that needs to be searched is often different in each different patient. The preparations well, even if a proper selection of these, depending on the needs of the patient, usually do not experience themselves and their root causes, but artificially negate the final score. And additionally can never give the solution that can give natural remedies. These solutions take into account the specificities of each human being, often related to lifestyle and have preventive character literals, and addressing the causes of diseases, by setting a tuple expression often genes.

And with the final point we come to discuss another important issue related to the limits and the method of our interventions in order to achieve health. It is entirely a matter of genes and preset if you sick, for example if you display stenosis and thrombosis of the coronary or cerebral arteries, which may result in cardiac infarction or stroke, or do they relate and affect other environmental factors? The truth is that the more we know scientists, biologists and physicians, for the mode of operation and regulation of gene expression, the better we realize and understand that both the disease and the degree of aging and the appearance of diseases related to wear a variety of environmental factors clearly affect these processes.

One of the most important factors is the diet. However, an influential role and others, such as exercise and generally move in our lives, the effective management of stressfull factors with the Elimination of anxiety, and smooth integration in healthy social networks and relationships, where we can feel safe to receive and offer positive actions or otherwise and more just to give and get love from this interaction. The combination of even these four factors have put in to practice and have proven to be significant, and the particularities, documentation that can result for example in the treatment and prevention of coronary heart disease but also to alter the indices of biological aging and specifically the length of Telomeres in the chromosomes.

Having said all the above, is perceived approach of holistic medicine and the importance he had in all the ancient systems of medicine which applicated, like the ancient Greek medicine, traditional Chinese and Indian medicine and how can apply today with all the scientific evidence with the technological means available. In this way, scientific confirmation, based on the experiment at the level of the basic biological sciences and clinical medicine, in epidemiological and clinical studies, we can clearly discern the credibility and the effectiveness of these interventions. If sufficient can be adopted, when judged inadequate to discarded or depending on the degree of appropriate documentation towards physicians. So we like to have the “gnwthi sayton” about “how much and how we can assist and of course adopting all possible alternative approaches, to broaden the possibilities for achieving the ideals of health and welfare.