The doctor accepts appointment at two clinics, one central in Heraklion and a branchin Arkalohori.

Our clinic in Heraklion, located on thiseos Street 18 (3rd floor), (Central Market Area)Accessibility for people with disabilities (people with disabilities) is excellent. Theservice is done with three elevators with automatic mechanism (2 with automaticsliding door and the third with portability amaxidioy) from 2 separate entrances just at the point where it reaches the car.

The car parking is served by the large private underground parking Parking THISEOS(with Porter). The building in which it is located is building multiplex withsupermarket, restaurants, stores, Bank offices, the chapel of Panagia Mesopantitissas of Candia, and surgeries with several medical specialists (Physicians, Cardiologists,Microbiologist, Kyttarologos, gynecologist-Obstetrician specializing in prenatal testingneurological diseases, pediatricians, Dentists, Dietician, Physiotherapist, Surgeon, etc).There is possibility of rapid microbiological testing in an adjacent laboratory.

The waiting area is comfortable and friendly. The examination room has specialelectrically powered test bed of variable height, 5 areas for examination andtherapeutic manipulations.

Dispensary in Arkalohori, is located downtown, in the ground floor Radamanthyos Street no. 15,  against gound books office, with comfortable access to individuals with disabilities or with wheelchairs. Located at a distance of 50 meters from both the square with the city parking, and BUS stop.