Sun, vitamin D and health

Sun, vitamin D and health. A very healthy combination indeed! We present you the latest scientific data about the amazing importance the sun -our Sun- has. Its all about our health and the prevention of many diseases of the nervous system. Yes, you read correctly! We will focus on a very important process in the human body. An for all who live in Greece, and especially in Crete, this process may occur almost year-round. And this very important process, is the production in our own skin of the vitamin–hormone with the amazing properties, vitamin D. Of course vitamin D, can be absorbed by diet and supplements. This is a must for all those not benefiting from sunbathing. No doubt, modern lifestyle makes skin exposure to the sun rather difficult. Whats more, we very often notice a phobia towards the[…]

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Neurodegenerative diseases is determined by mitochondria

Exciting research in recent years, enables us to speak of a new sector in bioiatrikesSciences, called Epigenetics. In the case of the nervous system, studying the ways thatregulate the expression of genes that affect the onset of neurological diseases. Thekey points of DNA that determine when and how they will express a gene like theremote control that adjusts the tv screen.   New data concerning the expression of genes that regulate the genesis and thedeconstruction (aytofagia) of mitochondria and determine to a large extent thehealth, longevity, aging and neurodegenerative diseases, published in April 2015, online, in the very reliable biomedicine inspection nature, from the team of Mr. Tavernarakis, in FORTH. This new publication gives new[…]

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The healing properties of music to human’s health

From Mr. Athanasio Dritsas, cardiologist at Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center, composerand researcher.   About 200 years ago, W.A. Mozart didn’t realize how prophetic it would be for the future of music therapy when at his opera the Magic Flute was putting music to the words of Tamino who would use the power of the lumen to release his beloved: “Wie stark ist nicht dein Zauberton weil, holde flote, durch dein spielen selbst wilde tierre freude fulhen“ which in simple translation from German means : How big is your magic force my flute! Even wild beasts arrive around with joy … The composer of the magic Lumen if he lived today would not have believed in his eyes,[…]

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